Name: Alex McClennan

Birthdate: December 14, 1976

Birthplace: Hamilton, New Zealand

Residence: Birmingham, UK

Height: 6'0

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Marital status: Married

Siblings: Brother, Jamie (he's in the Emily Smith Band)

Fav Color: Red

Fav Actor: Sean Bean

Had Ax read LOTR before the movie? Yes, he first read it when he was 11.

What is Ax's fav parts of FOTR & TTT (movies, not books)? FOTR--The big fellowship vs uruk-hai fight scene during the breaking of the fellowship. TTT--The Ents turning Saruman's two-up/two-down into a sunny seaside retreat.

What was his fav part of playing the part of an Elf? Getting to look tall and stately and leap about on tree roots.

Orlando Bloom said that in his portrayal of Legolas, he was thinking of a cat. Bret McKenzie said that his HIS portrayal of Figwit, he was thinking of a beautiful owl that used to be a belly dancer. What were YOU thinking of? Trying not to slip and fall off my fake-moss strewn tree root whilst simultaneously attempting to look slightly graceful.

Does he like Dwarves? Only as far as I can throw them, or when prepended by 'Red'.

Were the Elf ears molded to fit each person individually, or were they 'one size fits all' Elf ears? They had a bunch of different shapes/sizes. The make-up girls would sit a pair on your ears and see if they looked right; if not they'd try another pair. Once they found a suitable set they'd be moulded on.

Who would Ax like to meet the most? Well, I've already met Sean Bean, and he's about my favourite actor of all time, so I think I've already been there, done that. Next on the list would be ... um .... John Hannah & Colin Firth.

Some of this info is from a Q & A on MrMysteriousElf. Thanks to Candice for the questions and Ax for the answers! :-)