Dec. 10--Put a Christmas pic on the front page.

May 7--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Jan. 7--Took the Christmas pic off the front page.

Dec. 10--Updated the Links page.

Nov. 29--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Oct. 19--New Puzzle.

Oct. 11--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Oct. 3--Updated the Puzzles page.

Sep. 26--Changed the Sounds page, since there are no Anarin sounds :-( into a page for Other Stuff that doesn't fit onto other pages. Coming (relatively :-) soon, a new design and layout of this site!

Sep. 12--Put up this What's New page. :-)

Sep. 6--New Puzzle.

Aug. 22--Updated the Pictures page.

Aug. 17--New Puzzle.

Aug. 11--Put up a Puzzles page.

Aug. 2--Joined a webring!

Jul. 27--Updated the Bio page.

Jul. 18--New Animation.

Jul. 10--New Animations.

Jul. 6--Updated the Links page.

Jul. 3--Updated the Pictures page. I'll try to have the pictures organized soon. :-)

Jul. 2--Updated the Bio page.

Jul. 1--Put this site up! :-) Will update the pages more this week.