Article with a picture of Kester Fordham. It has been confirmed by Kester himself that that is him in the article. :-) Thanks to Candice for the link!

Kester & Anglor

Official Elf Sites

--official site for Ben Britton, aka Fereveldir, aka The Elven Archer. This was my first official Elf site!

--official site for Alexander Lindsay, aka Erethon. hehe, looks similar to this site! :-)

--official site of Ax McClennan, the Elf that talks about his ears on A Passage to Middle-earth. Another site done by me (Uruviel) :-)

Orophin, Marchwarden of Lorien--official site of Jason Secto, who played several Elves in both FOTR & TTT.

Jørn & Rumil--official site of Jørn Benzon, who played Rumil and many other characters.

--the Official Dinendal Site

--the Official Erestor Site

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Other Elf Links

MrMysteriousElf--This is a Community that started out totally dedicated to Figwit but has expanded to include all the lesser-known Elves in Lotr!

--the first-ever Figwit site!
--the Figwit Fan Listing
--another Figwit Site

Dinendal, my Silent Scout--a community for Dinendal

Haldir's Elven Archers--site about the Elven armor costumes

Meoref Fanclub Headquarters--site for the Elf who sits beside Figwit

One Sexy Elf: The Rumil Fanlisting--Rumil's fanlisting

The Infantry Elf Brigade - A Fereveldir Fanlisting

Haldir Lives--a great Haldir site

White Arrows of Lorien--site for Legolas and Haldir

--site for Saelbeth, played by Matt Appleton. Yes, site by Uruviel. :-)

--site for Anarin, the Elf on Arwen's left when the Fellowship leaves Rivendell. What's this, my 6th Elf site?? hehe

--site for Faelon, played by Bret McKenzie's brother Justin! That makes 7 Elven sites for me... :-)

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