Full Name: Jarl Benzon

Birthdate: September 22, 1976

Birthplace: Svendborg, Denmark

Currently lives: Wellington, New Zealand.

Height: 6'1

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Blue

Other Facts: Jarl has a daughter.
He is Jørn Benzon's (Rumil) younger brother.
Jarl is an artist.

NEWS: 1-31-05--Check out Jarl's Offical Fan Club!

5-8-04--New ROTK still, thanks to Jarl for pointing it out to me on War of the Ring. :-)

4-17-04--Here is an article on the Decipher site that mentions Jarl. :-)

4-2-04--Check out this picture of Jarl and his brother Jørn with their portraits, painted by Sandro Kopp, on Jørn's Offical site!

4-1-04: Jarl is going to be a guest at the Master of the Rings UK LOTR Convention on October 22-24. More info here!

Jarl is going to be in the parade in Wellington for the premiere! Hopefully I can find some pics from that.

Note from Jarl about his LOTR work: "I did all the "stand in" work for legolas,in or out of costume.
I have also been in many other costumes during my time working for three foot six,like my brother,
They are Helms deep fighting elf,Urak hai,Rohan,Rohan stable boy,Lorien elf,gondorian,ranger,orc,some wild man stuff,all the parties".


#3 is Jarl, Jørn, and Sandro Kopp.

Last Alliance pics

The Return of the King

Helm's Deep


Parade in Wellington for ROTK Premiere

Decipher cards

Jarl & Jørn, Elf brothers :-)
Jarl & Jørn, Elf brothers :-) The Benzon brothers in armor Jarl from Rivendell, Jørn from Lothlorien Jarl and an old pic of Jørn

Jarl as a Rohan?


Jarl at Extras' Wrap Party, August 2003 1.95 MB
**More coming soon!

THANKS A BUNCH to Jarl for sending me the info on this site, and correcting the pictures I had on here!! :-) Also thanks SO much to Sean Fitzpatrick for the video tape that I got this vids from!!! :-) Also thanks to Sean for parade pics #2 & 3. Thanks to Sandro Kopp for the picture of him and the Benzons and their portraits! Most other info from Jørn Benzon's Official Site.
**Finally got it right! Alll these Elvish pics are actually Jarl. :-)