Feb. 23--I MET ELIJAH!!!!!! OMG!!!! hehehe K, here's the story! I was in Baton Rouge at a gymnastics meet. I knew Elijah was gonna be in the Bacchus parade but I was only gonna get to go to the Endymion parade (that's the night before). I was hoping I might be able to run into somewhere or something anyway. ;-) Well, there are like a zillion hotels in New Orleans that he might be staying at, but I found out which one he was at on a message board. So me and my mom went over to New Orleans this morning before heading home, found the hotel, waited around with a couple of other people for a while, and then we saw Elijah!!!! He looked GREAT!!! His EYES, even better in person!!! He was wearing a suit jacket and tie, white shirt, and jeans, looked really cool of course! Clean-shaven too, which I like much better than any kind of facial hair! hehe He was with his sister Hannah a few others. I'm always SOOOO SHY around celebrity-type people but I managed to ask to get a picture with him, he goes "Sure, real quick!" YEY!!! hehe So I got a picture and a hug ;-) then I gave him a card with my site address on it and told him to check it out when he can, he said something like "OK, awesome, thanks!" He was SOOOOOO NICE, I wish I could've talked to him for a while!!! I had a great picture I wanted him to autograph but there wasn't time to even ask him. The people he was with were kinda like "COME ON" so he went and got into a limo then. WHOA, I'm still in shock, hehe! I NEVER thought I would get to meet him (or any actor from LOTR). SOOO AWESOME!! hehe WOW I MET ELIJAH!!! :-O