Hi! Welcome to the Official site of Ax McClennan, who plays the Elf known as Amanthon in FOTR. He is the Elf that talks about his ears on A Passage to Middle-earth. :-)

Apr. 14--New Animation.

Apr. 10--Organized the Amanthon pictures page.

Apr. 4--New Animation.

Mar. 30--New pictures of Amanthon--these are from the extended DVD, "Cameras in Middle-earth".

Mar. 27--Updated the Ax biography!

Mar. 26--More new pictures of Ax!! :-)

Mar. 24--Took the picture of the Elf named Helas off the pictures page--this is almost definitely not Ax, and put some banners on the Links page.

Mar. 23--New pictures of Ax!!

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This is a non-profit site with no copyright violations intended. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, e-mail the webmaster, Uruviel1 (aka Heather). All pictures on this site are their original owners. Thanks SO much to Ax for all the info/pictures! :-) This name was made up from the name generator on the Barrow-Downs site.