The Return of the King Trailer

Aiming an arrow.
"He is here."
Riding with Gimli
Not sure what he's doing but it looks really cool. :-)

The Two Towers

"Come, Gimli!"
"A red sun rises..."
"You would die before your stroke fell!"
With Gimli on Arod.
"Hiro hyn hidh..."
Approaching Fangorn forest.
"This forest is old..."
"Nad no ennas."
Elf eyes
"The white wizard approaches."
Turning to shoot.
Firing an arrow at Gandalf.
Bowing to Gandalf.
The only time Legolas blinks.
Approaching Meduseld.
Riding through Edoras.
Leaving his knives with Hama.
Entering the Golden Hall with Gandalf.
Fighting in the Golden Hall.
More fighting.
Watching Gandalf & Theoden.
At Theodred's funeral.
Watching for the Wargs.
Killing a warg and warg-rider.
Watching the Wargs approach.
Shooting a Warg.
Mounting his horse in a very cool way!
Killing another Warg.
Legolas & Gimli on horseback.
Left-handed shot!
Looking for Aragorn.
Still searching for Aragorn.
Looking at Sharku.
"You lie!"
Picking up the Evenstar.

Return to Middle-earth

In Fangorn Forest.
Practicing firing an arrow on horseback.
Swinging his sword.
With Eomer & Gandalf.
Legolas/Orlando Bloom graphic.
Taking a drink.
Fighting with someone in the Golden Hall.
With a green bandana and hair in a ponytail.
Running down a hill.
Riding his horse.
With his double and sword practice on horseback.
Riding with the Rohirrim.
Practicing on horseback.
Getting his costume ready.
Mounting his horse (with a red bandana on his head).
Showing off Legolas's skills.
With Gandalf at (windy) Edoras.
With Aragorn at Helm's Deep.
At Helm's Deep.
At Helm's Deep.
Fighting on horseback.
Patting his horse and riding with Aragorn.
Riding with Gimli.
With Aragorn.
With Gandalf & Peter Jackson.
Sitting on his horse with his sword.
Sitting with Frodo & Pippin.
Warg attack.
Riding towards the Wargs.

The Two Towers EA Game

Running with Aragorn.
In Fangorn Forest.
Meeting Gandalf the White.
Looking out over Rohan??

The Two Towers Preview

Two knives.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Arriving in Rivendell.
Hearing the Black Speech at the Council of Elrond.
"This is no mere Ranger."
"Have you heard nothing Lord Elrond has said?"
With Silinde & Galdor at the Council.
"And you have my bow."
In Rivendell.
Farewell to Elrond.
Leaving Rivendell.
Going over the mountain.
Watching the crebain from Dunland.
Walking on the snow.
A fell voice on the air.
Looking up at Caradhras.
Getting buried in the snow.
Beneath the snow.
"Why doesn't that surprise me?"
Outside Moria.
His first arrow shot of the movie.
Shooting the Watcher.
In the Mines of Moria.
In the Mines of Moria.
Walking through the Mines of Moria.
"We must move on. We cannot linger."
Listening for the Orcs in Moria.
Tossing axes to Boromir.
Ready to fire an arrow.
Shooting an Orc through the door.
Shooting more Orcs.
First shot at the cave troll.
Double shot.
Fighting the cave troll.
Killing the cave troll.
Saving Boromir in Moria.
Jumping across the stairs.
Legolas's hair.
Shooting an arrow.
Shooting another arrow.
Catching Gimli by the beard.
Catching Aragorn.
Running from the Balrog.
Running from the Balrog.
Eating his lembas.
Putting his lembas in the boat.
Helping Gimli into the boat.
Remembering his gift.
The bow of the Galadhrim.
An Elvish smile.
Firing many arrows at Amon Hen.
Shooting an Uruk-hai.


Orlando Bloom to Legolas morph