The Two Towers

"That is a lie. Saruman the White has ever been our friend and ally."

"Why do you lay these troubles on an already troubled mind? Can you not see? Your uncle is wearied by your malcontent. Your war-mongering."

"You see much, Eomer, son of Eomund. Too much. You are banished forthwith from the kingdom of Rohan, under pain of death."

"This order does not come from me. It comes from the king. He signed it this morning."

"Oh, he, he must have died sometime in the night. What a tragedy for the king to lose his only son and heir. I understand his passing is hard to accept, especially now that your brother has deserted you."

"But you are alone. Who knows what you've spoken to the darkness, in the bitter watches of the night, when all your life seems to shrink, the walls of your bower closing in about you, a hutch to trammel some wild thing."

"So fair. So cold. Like a morning of pale spring still clinging to winter's chill."

"My lord, Gandalf the Grey is coming."

"He is a herald of woe."

"He's not welcome."

"A just question, my leige. Late is the hour in which this conjourer chooses to appear. Lathspell I name him, ill news is an ill guest."

"His staff! I told you to take the wizard's staff!"

"Ah! Ah! I've only, ever, served you my lord!"

"Send me not from your site!"

"Get out of my way!"

"Were three followed the wizard. An elf, a dwarf, and a man."

"No, from the north. One of the Dunedain rangers I thought he was. His cloth was poor, and yet, he bore a strange ring, two serpents with emerald eyes, one devouring, the other crowned with golden flowers."

"Theoden will not stay at Edoras. It's vulnerable, he knows this. He will expect an attack on the city. They will flee to Helm's Deep, the great fortress of Rohan. It is a dangerous road to take through the mountains. They will be slow. They will have women, and children with them."