Jul. 2 2006--HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!! Have an AWESOME 30th bday!

Jul. 2--HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!! Hope you have a great one!

Dec. 10--Put a Christmas pic on the front page.

Jul. 2--Today is Alex's 28th birthday!

Apr. 25--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Dec. 31st--Took the Christmas pic down.

Nov. 13--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Oct. 30--Updated the Erethon Biography page.

Oct. 19--Updated the Puzzles page.

Oct. 9--New page-- Other Stuff page.

Oct. 1--Updated the Erethon pictures page.

Sep. 19--Updated the Links page!

Sep. 12--Put an Elvish picture on the front page.

Sep. 4--Put up this What's New page. :-)

Aug. 28--New Erethon pictures--TTT screen stills! I'm going to re-organize the Pictures page soon.

Aug. 25--TTT is released on DVD tomorrow! Be sure to look for Erethon at Helm's Deep. :-)

Aug. 17--New Puzzle.

Aug. 6--Put up a Puzzle page. :-)

Jul. 23--Put up an Autographs page. :-)

Jul. 13--Updated the Erethon Biography page.

Jul. 6--Updated the Links page!

Jul. 1--Posted a birthday message to Alex, a day early, since it is will be the 2nd in NZ way before it is the 2nd here (USA). :-)

Jun. 25--Updated the Erethon Biography page.

Jun. 11--Posted the note I received from Alex!! :-)

Jun. 10--Got Alex's autograph!!!!!! Thanks SO much Alex!!! :-)

May 23--COMING SOON: Alex's autograph! :-)

May 17--Updated the Erethon Biography page.

May 8--Joined a webring!

May 1--Updated the Links page!

Apr. 25--Put up an Erethon Biography page!

Apr. 19--New Erethon pictures--put up pics of both cards that he's on!

Apr. 14--Changed the banner at the top a bit.

Apr. 10--Small update to Alex's bio page!

Apr. 4--Put up an animations page!

Mar. 30--Changed the Alex pics button on the front page.

Mar. 25--Updated Alex's bio page!

Mar. 22--Another new picture of Alex, and also updated his bio page!

Mar. 21--New pictures of Alex!

Mar. 19--Put the pictures on a separate page.

Mar. 15--New pictures (sorry about the quality!). New format will be up next week!! Today is my last gymnastics meet of the year, so I'll have a bit more time after that. :-)

Mar. 11--Put up a Links page.