Others Names: Elven Archer, Third Elf from the Left, That Guy, Wind-blown Elf Warrior, Ginger-Haired Elf, "Thranduil" (he is NOT Thranduil), "Oropher" (he's not Oropher either!) Strawberry Blonde Guy

Name pronunciation & meaning: Fah-re-VEL-deer Hard to translate Fereveldir, the Sindarin word feredir means hunter. The word fr means beech tree, and the word dr means an adult male of any race.

Date of Birth: Before 3430 S.A.

Date of Death: Fereveldir may have been killed at Helm's Deep, but since it never shows him being killed/dead, it's possible that he survived. :-)

Race: Elf of Lothlorien

Height: 6'1

Parents: Father, Thandronen

Siblings: Twin brother, Ferevellon



Played by: Ben Britton, Production Engineer for FOTR, System Coder for TTT

Other info: Fereveldir fought in at least 2 major battles, the Last Alliance of Elves & Men and the Battle of Helm's Deep.
Fereveldir can also be seen in Rivendell (on the Passage to Middle-earth show, and also Welcome to Middle-earth).
The elf that is in the Dead Marshes with copper-colored hair is NOT Fereveldir.