Jan. 6--HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!! Ben turns 29 today!!!

Jan. 6--HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! Today is Ben's 28th birthday! Hope you have a great one Ben!

Jan. 6--HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! Today is Ben's 27th birthday! Hope you have a great one Ben!

Dec. 27--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page--new answers posted!

Dec. 24--Ben has sent an autograph for the site!!! More updates to come soon, including the latest "Ask Fereveldir" answers! :-)

Dec. 10--Put a Christmas pic on the front page. Also, Dec. 5 was the 2 year anniversary of this site! :-)

Jul. 2--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page--new answers posted!

Mar. 30--New picture of Ben!!! :-)

Mar. 3--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page!

Feb. 18--Ben wants to say THANKS A LOT for the birthday wishes, he really appreciated them! :-)
Note: I have several Ask Fereveldir questions to send to Ben, I will do that ASAP. So if you sent a question and it hasn't been answered yet, keep checking!

Feb. 13--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Feb. 5--Updated the Links page.

Jan. 23--Updated Ben's biography page.

Jan. 15--New Puzzle.

Jan. 6--Today is Ben's birthday! Hope you have a great one, Ben! :-)

Jan. 4--Ben's 26th birthday is in 2 days!!! I know this is cutting it close, but if you want to send Ben a birthday greetings, send an e-mail to fereveldir@theargonath.cc ASAP and I will send them all to him on his bday! Thanks! :-)

Jan. 2--So far I haven't been able to spot Ben in ROTK! He's one of the guards at the end, standing behind Gimli, but you can't ever see his face! :-(

Dec. 18--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Dec. 5--Just a note, this is the 1 year anniversary of this site!!! :-) Was kinda hoping to re-design it by now, but haven't had time....anyway, THANK YOU to everyone who has made this site a success, and most of all, thanks to Ben for giving me the honor of doing his official site!!! :-)

Nov. 30--Updated the TTT Design Gallery pictures

Nov. 26--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Nov. 19--New picture.

Nov. 18--New pictures page, from extended TTT DVD. :-)

Nov. 14--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Nov. 7--I *think* I have found a new picture of Fereveldir! This picture is from the Weapons & Warfare book that was released Wednesday (check out a split-screen here). I'll ask Ben if it's him and post the answer for you when I get it. :-)

Oct. 30--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page!

Oct. 29--New Ben Videos.

Oct. 28--Put up a page of Ben Sounds, and Ben Videos! THANKS SOOO MUCH SEAN, for the video!!! :-)

Oct. 22--Updated the Ben pictures page.

Oct. 15--New Puzzle.

Oct. 8--New page-- Other Stuff page.

Oct. 2--Updated the Puzzles page.

Sep. 27--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page!

Sep. 25--New picture of Ben, sent to me by Sean Fitzpatrick. :-)

Sep. 24--Updated the Links page.

Sep. 17--New pictures page.

Sep. 10--New pictures page.

Sep. 3--Ben has moved from New Zealand to...check his biography page to find out where! :-)

Aug. 30--Fereveldir is in a book! :-) There is a pic of him on page 49 of The Two Towers Sourcebook by Decipher! It is about 1/3 of the page. :-) This picture is on the Two Towers Decipher Pictures page.

Aug. 27--New pictures page.

Aug. 25--TTT is released on DVD tomorrow!! Now you can watch all of the shots of Fereveldir as many times as you want. :-)

Aug. 22--Updated the pictures page.

Aug. 17--New Puzzle.

Aug. 10--Put up a Puzzles page.

Aug. 3--Updated the pictures page--put up a puzzle page Will make a seperate page for this soon. :-)

Jul. 31--Updated the Links page.

Jun. 24--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page!

Jul. 20--Updated the Fereveldir biography page.

Jul. 12--Updated the FOTR animations.

Jul. 6--Updated the Links page.

Jul. 2--Updated the Fereveldir biography page.

Jun. 25--New TTT Screen Still--not sure if this is really Fereveldir! :-)

Jun. 18--Added some official Elf sites to the Links page. COMING SOON: Ben's autograph!!!

Jun. 11--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page!

Jun. 10--Put a new link on the front page.

Jun. 4--Updated the Links page.

May 29--New animation.

May 23--Updated the Ben biography a bit.

May 17--Updated the Fereveldir biography page.

May 13--Joined more fanlistings--Links page.

May 8--Updated the Ben biography a bit--just added some info from the Ask Fereveldir page. :-)

May 5--New animation.

May 1--Updated the pictures page.

Apr. 27--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page!

Apr. 25--Changed a few of the buttons and the banner at the top of this page. :-)

Apr. 22--Just a note about the newest TTT Screen Stills that I posted--these are definitely Ben. :-) He confirmed it himself.

Apr. 19--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page, and finally some more pictures of Ben!!!

Apr. 14--More new pictures that I'm not sure about. :-)

Apr. 10--Changed a few of the buttons and banners on the front page.

Apr. 4--Another new animation.

Mar. 30--New animation.

Mar. 26--A few new pictures--I'm not sure if this is really Fereveldir, but it looks like him to me! :-)

Mar. 22--Updated the pictures page.

Mar. 19--New picture.

Mar. 15--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page.

Mar. 14--New pictures--these are the same pics from the Decipher Helm's Deep booster pack display box, but bigger. :-) I got the box today from a local comic & card store.

Mar. 10--Joined more fanlistings--Links page.

Mar. 7--Joined some fanlistings--Links page.

Mar. 3--New Link!!!

Mar. 1--Made this What's New page so the front page didn't get too long and cluttered!

Feb. 25--Updated the Fereveldir biography page! In the next few days I'm going to post a What's New page, this front page is getting too long! :-)

Feb. 21--New picture--the new display box for the Decipher Battle of Helm's Deep booster packs has a picture of Fereveldir on the front of it!!!

Feb. 19--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page.

Feb. 15--Updated the Videos page!

Feb. 10--Updated several pictures pages, and updated the Ben biography page!

Feb. 5--Updated the Ben biography page!

Feb. 2--Added some new banners to the Links page.

Jan. 30--New pictures.

Jan. 28--Updated the Ask Fereveldir page, and updated the Ben biography page, answering 2 questions I've been asked recently.

Jan. 21--Put up an Ask Fereveldir page! :-)

Jan. 18--New picture--this is from the Decipher site, for the upcoming Battle of Helm's Deep expansion set.

Jan. 16--Updated the Ben biography page!

Jan. 10--New link and a new Elven Archer Action Figure picture.

Dec. 28--New animation.

Dec. 22--Changed the pic at the top for Christmas. :)

Dec. 20--A picture of Ben (as himself, not Fereveldir :), and biography page!

Dec. 18--Look for Fereveldir in TTT!!!!!!! I JUST saw the movie (it's AWESOME!!!), and saw about 2 or 3 shots of him. :)