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A Glossary of Rohirrim Terminology

***LOL, thanks for sending this, Sean!!! According to Sean, these are the only ones that are "printable".....hehehe

Eric - Any Rohir you don't know the name of or can't be bothered trying to remember. Also an effective way of confusing the AD's.
The Wife - horse
Arraz, Leggaz and Squat - some bloke from up Arnor way, an elf and a dwarf who showed up at the Deep to give us a hand. Cheers guys.
Pineapple - Easterling
Mount Rohan - big pile of dirt for a dolly camera we ended up sitting on for 2 nights straight while the elves tried to get marching up the causeway into the Deep right! (yawn)
Theo - The King. Funniest guy on set.
Bruce - Gamling, bloody nice guy
Faries - elves
Fornicating individuals of dubious parentage - uruk hai
Plan A - kill everything - common strategy for Rohir armies.
Beer Vouchers - money
Gondorkians - allies. A bit starchy, formal and boring but pretty good in battle on their day.
Tit head - Gondorian soldier.
Mud Nazi - Weta tech
Blood Nazi - see Mud Nazi
Arrogant, swaggering and insulting - yes, your point being…?
Orc Modifier = axe