Dec. 10--Put a Christmas pic on the front page.

Jun. 23--New picture of Nate!

Apr. 11--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Jan. 8--Took the Christmas picture off the front page.

Dec. 19--Happy Birthday to Nate! His birthday is actually December 20, but in NZ it is already the 20th. :-) Today is his 29th birthday, have a great one! Wish I could have made a cool card or something for him, like the awesome card he made for me, but I'm just not that creative!

Nov. 22--Updated the Other Stuff page.

Oct. 31--Updated the Galdor Biography page.

Oct. 17--New Puzzle.

Oct. 10--New page-- Other Stuff page.

Oct. 2--Updated the Puzzles page.

Sep. 19--Updated the Links page.

Sep. 12--Put up this What's New page. :-)

Sep. 4--New Puzzle.

Aug. 28--New Pictures.

Aug. 24--TTT is released on DVD tomorrow! Galdor's big scene was in FOTR, but you can catch a short glimpse of him at Helm's Deep in TTT. :-)

Aug. 17--New Puzzle.

Aug. 9--Put up a Puzzles page.

Aug. 2--Joined a webring!

Jul. 26--Just cleaned up some stuff around the site.

Jul. 16--Updated the Quotes page.

Jul. 9--Put some banners to use on the Links page.

Jul. 6--Updated the Links page.

Jul. 3--The Sounds page is now a Quotes page.

Jun. 30--This site became official!!!