Feb. 14--Happy birthday, Sandro! :-)

Jul. 28--Updated the Sandro page.

Feb. 14--Today is Sandro's birthday!!! Hope you have a great one, Sandro!

Dec. 10--Put a Christmas pic on the front page.

Nov. 14--Updated the Sandro page.

Nov. 4--Updated the Sandro page.

Aug. 5--Updated the Sandro page.

May 28--New Pictures.

May 10--New Links.

Apr. 25--Cleaned up the front page a bit, and also updated the Sandro page!

Apr. 20--Sandro is going to be at the 3rd Ring*Con in Bonn, Germany, on October 29-31! Wish I could go!

Apr. 10--New Sandro pictures!

Apr. 2--Check out this picture of Sandro with Jørn & Jarl Benzon and the portriats he painted of them, on Jørn's Offical site!

Mar. 23--Still trying to change everything to Gildor! :-) Should be finished soon...

Mar. 18--Put a note from Sandro on the front page. This is now the Official Gildor Inglorion Site!

Mar. 16--Hhhmmm...........ok, this page will be chaning soon!! Since this card came out, obviously Sandro is not gildor. More info coming soon.........

Mar. 3--New Picture.

Feb. 24--New Picture.

Feb. 14--Today is Sandro's 26th birthday!!! Hope ya have a great one, Sandro! :-)

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