"Amrion", "Balglin", etc...

Full Name: Andy Gunn

Birthdate: July 20, 1975


Currently lives: Mount Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand

Height: 6'3

Hair Color: Dark

Eye Color: Hazel/green

Marital Status: Single

Siblings: Older sister, Nicky; Younger brother, Kieran

Had Andy read the books before the movie?: To be answered soon. :-)

Acting: Plays 'Junk'. Wellington Fringe Festival 2003, Role: David Chee, 'Junk' is a play about the first female undercover police officer in New Zealand.
'Bumnote' Bats Theatre 1998,Role:Lou the guitarist. 'Bumnote is a play about a group of high school Students who a getting a band together to play the school Prom..Andy was the lead. Andy has done many theatre workshops including performing for screen, movement, stunts/combat voice and character.

Films: LOTR; Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King
Auditions for LOTR: Andy did his first audition with Bret Mckenzie (Figwit) and auditioned for the role of Haldir. "We were given an orc-like sword and directed to move in a balletic Elvish fashion"

Other info: To be answered soon. :-)

Thanks SO much to Andy for all the info!!! :-) I have more info to be added soon.