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Letters to PJ

Imladris: Lord of the Rings Movie News



The Council of Elrond

War of the Ring

Encyclopedia of Arda

Numenor--also not in English but great pictures!

Orlando Bloom Multimedia--an Orlando Bloom site but also has lots of news about all things LOTR!

Fangorn Forest

Realm of the Ring

Rivendel--A Great site to chat about Lord of the Rings on and take part in quizes

Arwen's Lord of the Rings page

Lord of the Rings Store

The Blade That Was Broken

Gollum's Precious Forum

The Shire Shop

Arwen speaking in Elvish

Angels Fall First

The Argonath on the Anduin River

The Palace Gatekeeper


Captain Gamling's Site

Portraits by Kim


Cirrith Ennor

Daniel's LOTR Website

Fires of Doom

Clothes of Imladris

Erdalien's Ithilien

Lord of the Rings Realm

Paris Howe Strewe Unofficial Official Website

The Fantasy Shop

The Elven Site

The Elven Site Forum

.:Endambar Parma:. ::The Oppression-Free Fan Fic Site

Fair of Face

One Director to Rule Them All

Annals of Valinor

Arwen Undomiel

Luthien Aranel


Orc Magazine

Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Community


The Fan Obsession: The Hobbit

Fallen Tears of the Grey Havens

Chronicles of Arda


From 3 Elven Realms!

Lord of the Rings Fan Forum

My Friends' Sites

SongSmith Music

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