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Clip theft. It's a big problem in the vidding community. If you're not sure what clip theft is, let me explain. It's where you take part of a video, or even an entire video, and use it as your own, without the permission of the original vidder.
I have become known as the "Clip-Thefted Queen" over at LVI. Since I have my own server, all my videos are able to be downloaded, which some people apparently see as a great way to steal clips. I've recently started using a watermark on my vids, but I've seen those clips used in other vids too. I've heard the excuse, "oh, since your videos are on your website, I thought it was ok to use them". WRONG!!! It is NOT OK to use my vids, that I spend a LOT of time making, as your own.
So please don't clip theft, from me or from anyone. It's just not cool. If you do clip theft me, chances are, I'll see it, watermark or no. I can easily recognize my own clips and editing, effects, etc. There are many places to get Lost clips that are ok to use, but it's not here, at Still on the Bloody Island.
Thanks for reading, and for *hopefully* being a courteous vidder. Now back to vids!

Some clips in these vids are from , , , , thanks for letting me use them! :-)
**A BIG THANKS to Kelly for sending me a vid clip I needed for this one!!!
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