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My Favorite Quotes

"Right behind you, jackass!" (Walkabout)

"Baby, I'm tied to a tree in the jungle of mystery, I've just been tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a genuine Iraqi, of course I'm serious." (Confidence Man)

"A doctor playing golf? What's next? A cop eating a doughnut?" (Solitairy)

"Probably from bear village. How the hell do I know?" (Pilot Part 2)

"Yeah, give it to Al-Jazeera, he'll protect us." (Tabula Rasa)

"Hey, you act anymore surprised and I'm gonna get offended." (The Moth)

"You're in my light, Sticks...Light, comma, Sticks, as in those legs of yours." (White Rabbit)

"Shut up, Lardo!" (Pilot Part 2)

"So let me get this straight. A tribe of evil natives planted a ringer in the camp to kidnap a pregnant girl & a reject from VH-1 hasbeens. Fiendishly clever, and why am I getting the evening news from a 6 year old?" (All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues)

"Hell of a book. It's about bunnies." (Confidence Man)

"Uh uh uh jungle boy. Not even for one second." (Homecoming)

"Thank you, boar expert!" (Outlaws)

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