Halloween costumes

Here are a few pics of my Halloween costume! I'm dressed as the Elf Finduilas of Nargothrond. It is from about 2 years ago. Do you have a picture of yourself in a LOTR-themed Halloween costume? If so, send it to me and I will post it on here! :-) New pictures will be added every few days.

Added 2005
Alex as Legolas Lauren as Eowyn Lauren as Eowyn Gandalf Therese and her horse as Eohrwine of Rohan and her horse Herugrim
Added 2004
Sairalindė as Galadriel Jeremy as Theodred Ethwen as Uruviel, Closheva as Arwen, Arien as Eowyn, Estella as Arwen Estella as Arwen, Arien as Eowyn Celebrian as Galadriel, Ethwen as Uruviel, Arien as Eowyn

Here are some pictures that were sent last year! Thanks to everyone who sent them!
Added 2003
Karin as Elrond Karin as Arwen Therese as Elf Enyala Evelina as an Elf Arwen (yes, that's her God-given name) as Arwen Sydney as Arwen
Hage as "Scary" Arwen Sara as Arramiel Boromia as a Rohirrim _____ as Eowyn Candice as a Hobbit Maeve & Katto as Eowyn and Nazgul
Alexis as a Hobbit Wench Cassandra as a Hobbit Wench Kaylyn as a Hobbit