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Legolas Haldir & Legolas Fereveldir Ferevellon Thandronen Erethon
Unaldor Anendel Ordulus Pengedhel Thonnas Balglin
Taurnil Rioldur Elomir Elven swords Haldir, Vadrieldur?, Fereveldir? Belurion
Legolas Haldir Legolas Farambar, Thrandel, Vadrieldur Arriving at Helm's Deep Haldir, Vadrieldur?, Fereveldir?
Lhunurion, Legolas, Aragorn, ?, Ordulus Celondir & Henduil Elven archers Legolas Celebrilad, Berembor, & Erethon Arriving at Helm's Deep

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Elves who fought at Helm's Deep (many are not listed!!):

Erethon played by Alexander Lindsay
Fereveldir played by Ben Britton
Galdor played by Nathan Clark
Haldir played by Craig Parker
Legolas played by Orlando Bloom
Orollon played by Jørn Benzon
Thandronen played by Ben Fransham
Thingalad played by Jason Secto

Most of these pictures are from the The Council of Elrond.