Aragorn Gollum Arwen Frodo & Sam Gandalf Eowyn
Merry & Pippin Denethor Legolas Galadriel ??? Frodo
Deagol & Smeagol Gollum The Golden Hall Arwen Legolas & Aragorn Legolas, Gamling, Theoden, Eomer, Aragorn
The Rohirrim A Gondorian Frodo at Bilbo's desk Frodo in Shelob's Lair (from TORn) Gondorian soldiers Aragorn
Gandalf Eowyn standee Denethor Aragorn teaser poster The Paths of the Dead The Paths of the Dead

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**NOTE: I have no idea where most of these pictures came from, so I am not even sure if they are all ROTK pics. Also, these pictures are just kind of in a jumble, no specific order here! Got any more?? Send them to me!