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Aragorn Aragorn, Legolas, Gandalf & Shadowfax Faramir Merry & Pippin Gandalf the White An Uruk-hai
The Golden Hall An Orc Smeagol & Deagol ??? Gimli King Theoden
Faramir Frodo Gandalf the White Gandalf the White Legolas Saruman
Aragorn Gandalf the White Eowyn Grima Wormtongue Eomer Eowyn
Eowyn King Theoden King Theoden King Theoden Minas Tirith Minas Tirith

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**NOTE: I have no idea where most of these pictures came from, so I am not even sure if they are all Two Towers pics. Also, these pictures are just kind of in a jumble, no specific order here! Got any more?? Send them to me!