I have collected a large number of LOTR-related stuff, such as books, store posters, displays, action figures, dolls, pretty much anything, and it is all over my whole house! I thought that I'd post some pictures of it all here, if anyone wants to see! Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

Better picture of the Legolas cardboard bookstand (which is now in my living room!) Close-up of Legolas Close-up of the Two Towers sign on the display (it's talking about the new 1-volume with Gandalf on the cover). Legolas and Gandalf book displays Another Legolas stand-up, this one in my kitchen Yes, 1 more Legolas (the book shelf part is missing on these last 2, but somehow I've ended up with 3 of these), this one in my bedroom
This is from WaldenBooks right after the movie was released Bookmarks with the One Ring Some action figures (on my fireplace mantle, hehe) Saruman action figure (I've lost the palantir!! :( Gandalf and Elrond action figure Frodo action figure (I just found this at Wal-Mart!)
Millennium Edition books Gandalf standee and some kites Full set of the pins that are part of the DVD promotion Cell phone face (unfortunately doesn't fit my phone but cool to have! I won it in a contest by designing this) A bunch of books, dolls, and empty boxes LOL My mom's old set of the trilogy (from 1973!)
Another poster from WaldenBooks right after the movie was released Leather wall haning from Malco theaters 3 wall scrolls Posters from Toys R Us Aragorn standee Close-up of Aragorn standee
My own "Decipher" card (very rare, one of a kind actually :-), made by Nate (Galdor) for my birthday!!!!! Thank you so much!!! :-) LOTR "Mini Viewers" (when you look through the hole in them, you can click about 10 different movie stills!) Mini Viewers--Gandalf, Bilbo, Ringwraiths, Frodo, Aragorn Back of the mini viewers Side of mini viewers TTT DVD pins (from Blockbuster, there are 12 in all) LOL, notice the spelling of "EowYn"
Hollywood Video TTT DVD promo t-shirt Some of the Hallmark LOTR party stuff AWESOME L.O.T.R. Extra T-shirt (sent to me by Sean Fitzpatrick, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!) LOTR Monopoly LOTR Monopoly board LOTR Monopoly playing pieces
LOTR Trivial Pursuit LOTR Trivial Pursuit board LOTR Trivial Pursuit cards Eowyn standee Frodo & Sam display my "extras" shirt again (thanks Sean!!!!! :-)
An actual piece of a tree from the Isengard set!!! LOTR feature in The Dominion Post (NZ newspapaer) LOTR feature in The Dominion Post (NZ newspapaer) LOTR feature in The Dominion Post (NZ newspapaer) TOPPS card featuring a piece of Arwen's coronation dress

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