These pictures were taken at the parade at the premiere of ROTK in Wellington on December 1, 2003. They were sent to me by Sean Fitzpatrick. Thanks SO much, Sean!!!
**these pictures are pretty big, so be patient while they load!! :-)
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Sean Fitzpatrick Haradrim (Sean Fitzpatrick top left) Prologue Elves--unmasked! hehe Prologue Elves Rivendell Elves (Jarl Benzon top left, Sandro Kopp middle-right) Rohirrim (Robbie Tichiner bottom middle)
Gondorian rangers Hobbits Men, a Prolgoue Elf, Haradrim.... (Jason Secto and Sean Fitzpatrick on the right) "Picnic LOTR-style" (that's Jason Secto in the Elf costume) "Why are we waiting?" "Elves day out" :-)
Luke the Rohan & Ben Fransham Sandro Kopp & Gondorians Miles & Troy Fraser Anderson the Easterling Tama the Uruk Uruks
Daryl Giles & a Gondorian An Uruk and a Weta guy Easterlings getting dressed Nazgul getting dressed Hobbits getting dressed "Dressing room chaos"

These pictures are all ęSean Fitzpatrick, please don't post them on other sites! :-)