The pages of pictures below are divided into groups, such as pictures of certain characters together, etc. At the bottom are actual screen stills from the DVD, scene by scene. Click on the links below to view some pictures!

Merry Christmas!

ROTK Premiere Parade, December 1, 2003, thanks to Sean Fitzpatrick!

Extras' Wrap Party, August 2003, thanks to Sean Fitzpatrick!

Stills from ROTK trailer that are not in the movie


Elves of the Galadhrim

Topps Cards, The Two Towers & Return of the King Preview Movie Cards

Boromir & Faramir

TTT DVD: TTT Extended DVD Preview Screen Stills

TTT DVD: Return of the King Preview Screen Stills

Galadriel & Celeborn

The Return of the King Action Figures

Aragorn & Boromir

Aragorn & Theoden

Gandalf & Saruman

Legolas & Gandalf

Arwen & Elrond

The Return of the King magazines

Frodo & Gandalf


Aragorn & Eowyn

Stills from TTT trailers that are not in the movie

Frodo, Sam, & Gollum

Grima & Saruman

Aragorn & Gandalf

Aragorn, Boromir, & Legolas

Council Elves

Elves at Helm's Deep

Merry & Pippin

Frodo & Bilbo

Aragorn, Legolas, & Gimli

Aragorn & Arwen

Elven Art

The Two Towers Trading Cards, Battle of Helm's Deep by Decipher

Misc. Return of the King Pictures

The Two Towers magazines

My Elf Halloween costume


The Two Towers Action Figures

The Two Towers Trading Cards by Decipher

Action Flipz Cards & Stickers

Movie Posters

Frodo, Sam, Merry, & Pippin

Frodo & Sam

The Fellowship

Misc. Two Towers Pictures

Misc. Elves



Store Displays

My LOTR Stuff

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