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Gollum, Old Noser Theoden, King of the Golden Hall Legolas, Archer of Mirkwood Legolas's Sword Gimli, Skilled Defender Follow Smeagol
We Must Have It Sting, Baggins Heirloom Leaping Blaze Rally Point Gamling, Warrior of Rohan Down From the Hills
Berserk Savage Desert Stalker Caverns of Isengard Eowyn, Daughter of Eomund Morannon Grishnakh, Orc Captain
Orc Runner Teeth of Mordor Dead Marshes Gate Trooper Eye of Barad-dur I'll Make You Squeak
Orc Patrol Southron Marcher Baruk Khazad Company of Haradrim Mumak Strength in Numbers
No Help For It Birchseed Arrow-slits Parapet Thundering Host Foul Horde
Balglin, Elven Warrior Isengard Flanker Isengard Rider War-Warg Warg Wargmaster
Warg Rider Wolf Voices Southron Runner Southron Traveler Household Guard Rohirrim Bow
Break the Charge Rohirrim Helm Army of Haradrim Nan Curunir Frodo, Master of the Precious Sam, Nice Sensible Hobbit
Smeagol, Slinker Gollum, Stinker Gollum, Nasty Treacherous Creature Poor Wretch Evil-Smelling Fens

All of these pictures are from the Decipher site.