Matt Appleton was the Orc Army art director for LOTR. He also played the elf named Saelbeth at the Council of Elrond! Someone sent me this article about him and his work on LOTR. Thanks! Also thanks to everyone who e-mailed me their opinions on Matt being Saelbeth! He DEFINITELY is!! :-)

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Full Name: Matt Appleton

Birthdate: Around 30 years old

Currently lives: probably New Zealand

Other info: Matt did not wear a wig to play Saelbeth. :-) That's his real hair, lightened.

Here are some pictures of Matt--the only one that I know for sure is him is the first one. The others are from the Extended DVD and I just think it's him.
Picture #4 is a picture from Helm's Deep, from Sean Fitzpatrick, thanks!!! You can see Matt near the top left of the picture.

Parade in Wellington for ROTK Premiere, thanks to Sean Fitzpatrick for the pic on the right!

TTT DVD: Creatures of Middle-earth Featurette

TTT Extended DVD: Cameras in Middle-earth