Dec. 10--Put a Christmas pic on the front page.

Sep. 7--Whoa, havent updated this site in a while! Finally took the Christmas pic off the front page, lol! Also realized that this site has been up for over 2 years now! Actually, 2 years, 2 months to be exact. :-)

Dec. 7--Updated the Matt Appleton page.

Dec. 3--Updated the Matt Appleton page. Wow, somehow finding a lot of pics of "Saelbeth" recently! haha

Nov. 19--Updated the Matt Appleton page.

Oct. 31--Updated the Links page.

Oct. 17--New Puzzle.

Oct. 10--New page-- Other Stuff page.

Oct. 4--Updated the Puzzles page.

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Sep. 14--Put up this What's New page.

Sep. 6--New Puzzle.

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Jul. 30--Updated the Biography page.

Jul. 7--Today is the one-year anniversary of this site!! :-) Updated the FOTR Screen Stills.

Jul. 6--Updated the Links page.

May 8--Updated an animation.

Apr. 11--Changed some of the buttons, etc.

Mar. 12--After several months of guessing and wondering exactly WHO the actor is that played Saelbeth, I finally know FOR SURE that it IS Matt Appleton!!! :-)

Feb. 16--Wow, haven't updated in a while! Sorry about that! Put up a Matt Appleton page.

Nov. 18--New animations.

Nov. 13--New pictures.

Nov. 12--New pictures.

Oct. 20--New pictures.

Sep. 19--Joined a webring!

Sep. 18--New pictures.

Sep. 15--Found the name of the actor??

Sep. 4--Re-did some of the animations.

Jul. 31--New pictures, and added a guestbook.

Jul. 16--New picture.

Jul. 9--New pictures.