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Eowyn: "Bealocwealm hafaš fréone frecan forš onsended, giedd sculon singan gléomenn sorgiende on Meduselde, žęt he ma nahwęre,his dryhtne dyrest and męga deorost."
"An evil death has set forth the noble warrior, A song shall sing sorrowing minstrels in Meduseld, hat he is no more, to his lord dearest and of kinsmen most beloved'."
Gandalf: "Westu hal. Feršu, Théodred, Feršu."
"Be thou well. Go-thou, Theodred, go-thou."
Aragorn: "Fęste! Stille nś, fęste... Hwęt nemnaš še?"
"Oh fast. Be quiet now, oh fast. What is your name?"
Aragorn: "Brego? Šin nama is cynglic...."
"Brego? Your name is kingly."
Theoden: "Forš Eorlingas!"
"Forth Eorlingas!"

Please e-mail me any mistakes that I have on here so I can correct it. :) Most of the translations are from Fellowship of the Word-smiths.. Thanks to Heather (another Heather!) & Lhunuial for sending me some of the words to Eowyn's song. :-)