On this page I'm gonna make a list of all the little interesting details, facts, mistakes, etc. in FOTR (this is the extended DVD version :-). I have seen these listed on other sites, message boards, or I've noticed them myself. If I've missed something interesting, please let me know!

Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All...
The original bearers of the three Elven Rings are shown: Gil-galad, Cirdan, & Galadriel.
The Elves wear their Rings on their middle fingers.
The Dwarves are shown holding their Rings up.
One of the Kings of Men is played by Alan Lee.
Sauron wears his Ring on his index finger.
At the Last Alliance of Elves & Men, the Elven archers stand behind the Elven swordsmen.
You can see Gil-galad stabbing an Orc with his spear Aeglos.
Elendil is holding up Narsil.
Elrond does not wear a helmet during battle.
Elendil is played by Figwit's (Bret McKenzie) father, Peter McKenzie.
The Elf who's shown with his hair blowing when Sauron is destroyed, is NOT Legolas's father, Thranduil and is named Fereveldir.
The 2 Elves without helmets are played by Ben Britton & Jason Secto.
When Sauron is destroyed, all of his Orcs are also destroyed.
Isildur is seen with 3 arrows in his back.
The hand that is seen picking up the Ring in the river is actually the hand of Deagol.

Concerning Hobbits
Bilbo is seen at his desk writing with many notes and papers scattered around.
2 Hobbits are about to kiss but the guy Hobbit grabs a cupcake instead.
Sam is working in his garden.

The Shire
Gandalf is singing when he arrives in Hobbiton.
Frodo is reading a book when he is first shown, but when he hears Gandalf coming, he jumps up and leaves his book behind.
Gandalf's scarf is hanging from a lamp on his cart.
The sign at Bag End has marks above the vowels that are Quenya & Sindarin symbols.

Very Old Friends
Gandalf knocks on the door of Bag End with his staff, as he does in The Hobbit.
Gandalf has a small pouch hanging beside the larger one.
On the outside of the door to Bag End, the knob is in the middle. On the inside it's on the right side.
There is a birdhouse outside of Bag End.
You can see the doorbell outside and the bell inside.
There is dust on the floor.
Thror's map is framed.
Bilbo's jacket is hanging on the back of a chair.
There are many pinecones in Bag End.
The pictures of Bilbo's parents are actually designed to look like Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh.
Bilbo has sunflowers in his house.
When Bilbo hears someone knocking at the door, it is Lobelia Sackville-Baggins.
There are a lot of candles in Bag End.
There are large carrots in the kitchen.
Bilbo uses both hands to lift the kettle.
Gandalf hits his knees on the bottom of the table.
In this shot you can see the forced perspective is a bit off.
There is a jar of honey with a knife sitting on top of it in the kitchen.
Bilbo keeps the Ring in his pocket.
The door to Bag End is open when Bilbo & Gandalf are blwoing smoke rings outside.
Gandalf blows smoke into the shape of an Elven ship.

A Long-expected Party
When Bilbo's cake is carried in, you can see Frodo & Merry at the party.
You can also see Sam as the cake is carried by him.
Bilbo welcomes Fatty Bolger to the party.
One of the hobbits appears to be drunk!
Rosie's hobbit feet are visible.
Merry & Pipin are on stage with the band.
Gandalf wears his hat while shooting his fireworks, but is later seen with it off.
These cute hobbit children are Billy & Katie Jackson, whose parents are Fran Walsh & Peter Jackson.
Gandalf, Frodo, and Rosie can all be seen dancing.
The story Bilbo tells the children is straight out of The Hobbit..
Gandalf lights his fireworks with his staff.
Merry eats an apple after he and Pippin take the dragon fireworks.
Bilbo's ears twitch at the arrival of the Sackville-Baggins.
There is a brief shot of Lobelia & Otho Sackville-Baggins.
Frodo follows Bilbo through the crowd.
One of the tents is on fire.
Merry & Pippins hair is smoking.
Gandalf drinks from a hobbit-sized cup.
Sam & Frodo are sitting at the same table during Bilbo's speech.

Farewell Dear Bilbo
You can hear Bilbo's footsteps even when he is wearing the Ring.
When Bilbo reappears, his shadow appears with him.
Bilbo packs 2 candles, a map, his pipe and "There & Back Again".
Bilbo's eyes gets very big when he calls the Ring "my precious".
There is a map of Middle-earth next to the fireplace.

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
None at the moment

The Account of Isildur
You can see torchlights moving towards the Black Gate.
There is a brief shot of Minas Morgul as the Black Riders ride out.
As Gandalf rides to Gondor, you can see Minas Tirith with Mount Doom in the distance.
At the bottom of the screen is Osgiliath. The river Anduin is also visible.
Gandalf holds his pipe while looking through the papers in the library.
Gandalf's hat and staff are leaning on some books.
During the time that Gandalf reads the account of Isildur, the candles burn almost all the way down.
The ring changes sizes in Isildur's hand.
The words written are not exactly what Gandalf reads out loud, but they are the same as written in the book.

At the Green Dragon
None at the moment

The Shadow of the Past
Frodo seems to always leave the door open.
Gandalf has mud on his clothes.
You can see Frodo's reflection in the Ring.
When Frodo says "Mordor" in this scene, it sounds like "Moldor".
Frodo is pouring something into a teapot, but in just a few seconds he is sitting down with his cup.
Gandalf rolls up a shirt for Frodo to take, but Frodo grabs it and it unrolls as he stuffs it into his pack.
The ceiling of the kitchen has tiles.
Frodo packs 2 apples and a loaf of bread/cake.
The carpet in Bag End has a flower pattern.
A map disappears and reappears when Sam is on the table.
There are 3 birds perched on the scarecrow.

The Passing of the Elves
None at the moment

Saruman the White
Gandalf keeps his pipe in the end of his staff.
Saruman's staff and the top of Orthanc are the same design.

A Short Cut to Mushrooms
All the Hobbits, except Pippin, are wearing vests.
Frodo's shirt doesn't have a collar, Pippin is wearing a scarf, and Sam and Merry have collars.
Frodo and Merry are carrying backpacks, Pippin has a bag over 1 shoulder, and Sam has a backpack, his pots and pans, and a bedroll.
All the Hobbit feet that are shown are dirty.
When Merry gets under the tree root, he still has carrots in his pockets.
You cannot see the Nazgul as he walks behind the tree, he just kind of appears.
There are nails and blood on the Ringwraith's horse's hooves.
The horse has red eyes.
When Frodo tries to put the Ring on while under the tree root, the hand looks different than Elijah's normal hand (notice the fingernails).

Buckleberry Ferry
None at the moment

At the Sign of the Prancing Pony
The door at Bree has two holes, one for humans, one lower for hobbits.
Peter Jackson, aka Albery Dreary, can be seen eating a carrot and burping outside the Prancing Pony.
Merry nods to Frodo to encourage him to talk to Butterbur.
Someone is holding a ferret in the Prancing Pony.
Bill Ferny is shown briefly.
Butterbur has a black cat.
Strider has mud on his boots.
Pippin is sitting at a table with Frodo & Sam. Merry joins them, then Pippin leaves to get a pint at the bar. In the next shot, Pippin is still sitting with Frodo & Sam, and Merry is not seen at all..
You can see the shadows of people in front of the flaming Eye.
When the hobbits confront Strider, Merry is holding a candelabra, Pippin is wielding a chair, and Sam has his fists raised.

The Nazgul
Sam's, Merry's, & Pippin's shirts all have the same collar, whileFrodo's is different. Frodo is also still wearing his jacket.
An arrow carried by Strider hits the camera.

The Midgewater Marshes
Pippin falls facefirst into the marshes.
Bill the pony is seen in the marshes.

The Spoiling of Isengard
Saruman is shown with his hands folded under his robes. The reason for this shot is that Christopher Lee had injured his hand and it had to be covered up.
One of Saruman's "head Orcs" has red eyes.

A Knife in the Dark
The hill used Weathertop was an actual place in New Zealand with only the top formations added in..
Pippin lays down on his back at Weathertop, but in the next shot you can see him just beginning to sit down.
San is still holding a pot even when they hear the Nazgul approaching.
The Witchking holds his sword in front of his face, just as Aragorn does later in the film.
Sam, Merry, & Pippin form a triangle in front of Frodo.

The Caverns of Isengard
None at the moment

Flight to the Ford
Bilbo's 3 trolls are shown briefly.
When Arwen first rides up, you can see that it is not Liv Tyler, but her riding double.
Frodo sees Arwen as sort of an angel in a white dress, while she is actually wearing a dark dress.
You can see that it is not Elijah Wood that Aragorn is holding.
The Ringwraiths' horses have the red eye on their chests.
Frodo has green stuff coming from his eyes and mouth but it disappears in a little while.
Just like in the book, there are forms of white horses in the water at the Ford of Bruinen.

There is a statue of an Elven woman by Frodo's bed.
There are some medicines and cups beside Frodo's bed.
There is a vase of pink roses by Frodo's bed.
Frodo now has the ring on chain around his neck.
The moth is seen flying by the moon.
Gwaihir flies south with Gandalf.

Many Meetings

The Fate of the Ring

The Sword That Was Broken

The Evenstar

The Council of Elrond

Gilraen's Memorial

Bilbo's Gifts

The Departure of the Fellowship

The Ring Goes South

The Pass of Caradhras


A Journey in the Dark

Balin's Tomb

The Bridge of Khazad-dum


Caras Galadhon

The Mirror of Galadriel

The Fighting Uruk-hai

Farewell to Lorien

The Great River

Parth Galen

The Breaking of the Fellowship

The Departure of Boromir

The Road Goes Ever On...