On this page I just want to say Thanks to everyone who's helped me out with this site! I'm sure there are too many to name and if I've left you off (don't hesitate to let me know!), SO SORRY!!! :-) Nothing personal, just an oversight! I want to say THANK YOU to:
Sean, for writing me and sending LOTS cool info/pictures/tshirt/stuff, and for letting me do his official site!!! :-)
Ben, Alex, Ax, and Nate, for being so nice, and letting me do their official sites! :-)
Jarl, Jørn, Kester, Justin, & Gareth, for writing me and giving me info for their pages.
Sandro (he designed the shirt that Sean sent me!! :-), for writing me and giving me some very cool Elf info!
Skybly, for giving some great Elf info! :-)
TheArgonath.com, for easily settling our "same name" sites and letting me have a message board on their forum!
Patty, for making the really cool LOTR card decks!
Heather (Elraen Silmidel), for making the very cool Elf picture on the front page, and for correcting my Elvish!!!
Jessica, for making a special award for this site!!!
Everyone, for making this site a success!!! :-)

OK, this list is WAAAY too short but my mind is blank right now, lol.