These videos are either AVI or WMV format, (mostly WMV). The reason for this is to try to conserve bandwidth, so sorry that the quality is not the greatest! :)

Return of the King Trailers, previews, etc.

ROTK DVD Commercial 953 KB Verizon ROTK DVD Commercial 924 KB

76th Academy Awards

Best Director!!! 3.24 MB Best Picture!!! 7.13 MB

National Geographic Beyond the Movie: ROTK

Merry & Theoden (not in the final cut of ROTK!!!) 319 KB Legolas in a drinking game (not in the final cut of ROTK!!!) 399 KB

Golden Globe Awards

Best Motion Picture, Drama 3.00 MB Best Director 4.60 MB
Best Original Song 2.65 MB Best Original Score 3.24 MB
Elijah Wood presenting ROTK 1.86 MB

People's Choice Awards

Best Motion Picture, Drama 1.40 MB

Critics Choice Awards

Best Composer 2.93 MB Best Ensemble Cast 1.35 MB
Best Director 2.78 MB Best Picture 3.05 MB

Return of the King Trailers, previews, etc.

ROTK Clip--Gandalf & Pippin 1.08 MB ROTK "Academy Award Winner" Commercial 937 KB
MTV Movie House **partial clip 2.79 MB ROTK Clip--Frodo, Sam, & Gollum 1.17 MB
ROTK commercial 868 KB E! News--LOTR obsession 3.03 MB
ROTK commercial 935 KB ROTK clip--Arwen and Elrond 1.22 MB
Entertainment Tonight-- Liv Tyler & Miranda Otto 1.65 MB Local news-ROTK feature 2.77 MB
ROTK clip--Frodo & Gollum 1.55 MB E! News-- The Awful Truth 1.28 MB
ROTK commercial 938 KB Entertainment Tonight-- Hobbits' home videos 1.48 MB
Entertainment Tonight-- 12-09-03 1.90 MB E! News--Faramir at Osgiliath 939 KB
The Tonight Show--Paths of the Dead clip 1.89 MB E! News-- 12-09-03 4.24 MB
The Tonight Show--Frodo, Sam & Gollum clip 2.03 MB Primetime--Arwen & Elrond clip 1.21 MB
Entertainment Tonight--ROTK Premiere 2.01 MB E! News--ROTK Premiere 3.30 MB
E! News, ROTK trailer preview 1.54 MB ROTK EA Game Commercial 1.83 MB

TTT DVD Commercials

Verizon Contest for trip to ROTK premiere and TTT DVD 928 KB E! News TTT DVD preview 3.35 MB
Duracell/TTT DVD Commercial 942 KB

2002 MTV Movie Awards

Best On-Screen Team 3.20 MB Best Action Sequence 3.20 MB
Best Virtual Performance 4.40 MB Best Movie 2.36 MB

Misc. Two Towers Previews

Extra--scene with Theoden & Aragorn 1.46 MB Two Towers commercial #1 930 KB
E! News--clip of Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Eomer 2.00 MB MTV Movie House--clip of Faramir, Frodo, & Sam 749 KB
MTV Movie House--Warg attack 1.05 MB MTV Movie House--Frodo & Sam almost discovered by Easterlings 1.29 MB
MTV Making of the Video Game--Helm's Deep 2.10 MB Video from the local CBS news here (Memphis), mostly focusing on the Aragorn/Arwen story no new movie scenes, but shows clips from cast interviews that I had never seen 2.99 MB
The Today Show--Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban GREAT CLIP 9.18 MB

New Zealand, the Royal Tour on the Travel Channel

Commercial 936 KB

South Park

Commercial 479 KB

Commercials for the FOTR August 6th DVD

Wal-Mart commercial 927 KB DVD commercial #1 964 KB
DVD commercial #2 939 KB

2002 MTV Movie Awards

Becoming A Hobbit 4.40 MB Best Movie Acceptance Speech 1.76 MB

LOTR-related figure-skating and gymnastics Videos
As I'm sure most of you know, I'm a gymnast and skater. :-) I'm not sure how many LOTR-gymnastics-skating fans there are out there like me, but here are some vids of routines done to music from FOTR.

My gymnastics floor routine 2.58 MB Skating, Todd Eldredge (USA) 8.58 MB
Skating, Galit Chait & Sergei Sakhnovsky (Israel) *this is mixed with Lord of the Dance* 7.34 MB Skating, Dorota Zagorska & Mariusz Siudek (Poland) 4.89 MB

"Edited by Uruviel" Videos

Legolas speaking Elvish Compilation of all the Elvish spoken in FOTR, and a few other clips NOT GREAT QUALITY 11.4 MB